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Are you desperately looking for a way to break the monotony? Or are you at the beginning of your journey and you want to experience as much as possible? No matter what the reason is, camps are always a great idea for you and your +1! 

Today, we’ll introduce you to the ultimate list of camping games for couples. Beware: we’ll not talk about classic ones – ‘Truth or Dare’, ‘The Alphabet Game’, or ‘Two Truths and A Lie’. Our top is a bit more special. Keep on reading!

1. Drunk or Child

Nothing better than a drinking game for adults to begin this list with. 

*Note: This applies only if you and your partner are of legal drinking age.

‘Drunk or Child’ is a camping game for two that involves recollecting memories. Players take turns in sharing funny stories from their past. The partners must figure out if those events happened while they were kids or while they were in a very, very happy mood. Pay attention not to give yourself away by saying names or specific places that might get the other guessing very quickly. The ones hearing the stories are not allowed to ask questions. However, for your lover, you may bend the rules a bit and give some clues if required. If the partner gets the correct answer, the one telling the story must drink. If the partner doesn’t figure things out, he/she must drink. It can last for as long as you wish. You might even discover some pretty awesome blasts from the past!

2. The Kissing Game

We’ve given this drinking game a romantic twist. Come up with one rule (or more) for the entire camping trip. Each time you or your partner break the rule, you must kiss. 

Here are some examples:

  • To kiss every time your phone rings.
  • To kiss every time you say your partner’s first name.
  • To kiss every time you spot an animal.
  • To kiss every time you open a bottle.
  • To kiss every time you say ‘No’.

Think of some rules the other will easily break. (*Sure, considering that you really do want to kiss your +1!). 

PS. Of course, you can also go for the classic version of the game, which involves drinking a shot of alcohol each time you disobey the rules.

3. Heads Up!

If you still have service on your phone, there are some great games you could play on Facetime when camping with your lover. ‘Heads Up’ is one of the most popular choices. 

The game begins with receiving a random category. Next, one player has to put the phone/tablet on their forehead. Then, a word is displayed. The other player must give verbal clues in order to make their partner guess the person, action, or thing that is being shown on the tablet. Once they do, they move on to another word. 

This is also a great ‘minute to win it’ couple game, since players only have 60 seconds to guess as many secret words as possible in that time, before switching roles. 

4. Would You Rather

The best camping games for couples are the ones that make you discover more about your +1. That’s why ‘Would you rather’ couldn’t have missed our list. In this game, players take turns coming up with different scenarios that can be real, hypothetical, fun, deep, enticing, or absurd. Their partners must pick the scenario they’d be more likely to do. Let’s take a look at some suggestions:

  • Would you rather your partner be very active on social media or not have any social media accounts?
  • Would you rather get the silence treatment or be yelled at when you are angry with each other?
  • Would you rather have a partner who never has time to spend with you or a partner who’s clingy and never leaves you alone?
  • Would you rather take long walks together or take long drives together?
  • Would you rather have a happy marriage for 10 years and then die or have a miserable marriage for 30?

5. This or That 

Another great couples camping idea is ‘This or That’. And by this, we don’t mean those classic questions: ‘Summer or winter?’, ‘Stay at home or go out?’. We mean cooler questions that will make you get to know your partner a bit more. They could be simple and straightforward, but also complex and long. Imagination has no limits! Here are a few of our top picks: 

  • Living with your mom for the rest of your life or moving together after 15 days?
  • In-office or remote work?
  • Car or bike?
  • All-inclusive or diy?
  • Tacos or burritos?
  • Eyes or smile?
  • Sense of humor or street smart?
  • Tiktok or Instagram?
Couples camping ideas
source: Two Drifters

6. I Spy

‘I spy with my little eye’ is one of the best couples camping ideas. That’s because you have so many things ‘to spy on’. One player starts by choosing an item that’s in their proximity. Next, he/she must say “I spy with my little eye…” and then offer the first clue. It can be anything – from something that’s out there, in the open, to a personal item such as a jacket, a drink, or food. The other player may ask questions but keep in mind that these can be only ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions. 

7. Never Have I Ever

One of the things to do while camping with your boyfriend is play ‘Never have I ever’. This is the game that gives you endless possibilities to learn more about your partner. Three things are essential here:

  1. You share something that you have never done.
  2. The other says if they have done it or not. 
  3. If they have, they must ‘deal with the consequences’. 

Make things more enticing by coming up with challenges if any of you has done an action. These challenges could be taking a sip of your own drink or performing a dare. Here are some examples of the best ‘Never have I ever’ prompts for a camping game for two:

  • Never have I ever pretended to be asleep to get out of having a difficult conversation.
  • Never have I ever been offended by something your parents said.
  • Never have I ever been in a club all night and then gone to work the next day.
  • Never have I ever played poker for high amounts of money.
  • Never have I ever been camping.
  • Never have I ever lied about what job I do to impress someone.

8. Carrot

We love language so we included a word association game in our list. ‘Carrot’ is timeless, hence it’s a great camping game for couples, an indoor team building activity for kids, or a fun outdoor game for families.

Start the game by saying ‘carrot’. Next, your partner must utter a word related to ‘carrot’. ‘Rabbit’, ‘garden’, ‘vegetable’, ‘orange’ (the color) – these would be only some of the possibilities. Next, depending on the word your partner says, you must utter a new one, related to it. For example, if he says ‘garden’, you could say ‘farmer’. Next, he could say ‘countryside’, and so on and so forth. The trick here is to quickly spurt out your word, without stalling or hesitating. Also, repeating words is not allowed. The one who bends the rules loses.

9. Scavenger Hunt

Sure, conversation games are fun, but have you ever found an item that you were desperately looking for? Can you remember the satisfaction? A scavenger hunt is that type of camping game for couples. 

Come up with a list of objects that need to be found. If you don’t want to bring your own items for the scavenger hunt, make a list of natural items such as rocks, pine cones, and sticks. 

*Note: When looking for and moving these items, just make sure you don’t disturb any ecologically sensitive areas or species. 

Ideally, you should work individually and the first one to find all the items on the list wins the game. However, you can also work as a team if your goal is to explore and enjoy the outdoors with your loved one.

10. The Cornhole Game

If both of you are active people, ‘Corhnole’ is the game for your next camp

It involves a bit of preparation in advance. First, make sure you pack some soft bags filled with corn and two wooden platforms. The wooden platforms must have a hole in their upper middle part. Start throwing bags through the hole now that you’re all set. Whoever gets it right gets 3 points. You get only 1 point if the bag lands on the platform but does not pass through the hole. The round is won by the first player to score 21 points. Feel free to play as many rounds as you want. You can go the extra mile and even pick a name for your ‘Cornhole team’. Even though there is only one member in each team, things will be so much more fun if you’re ‘Here for Beer’ and your girlfriend is ‘The Corn Princess’.

*Similar to this and also a good camping game for couples is ‘Horseshoe’. However, that one requires more materials and equipment.

11. Hide and Seek

Among the things to do while camping with your boyfriend is… hiding. 

Just kidding. ‘Hide and seek’ is a great camp game because it gives you both the opportunity to explore nature in all its beauty. You might have heard of it under the name of ‘Sardines’, however, there’s a difference: ‘Sardines’ is a group game that requires more players, while ‘Hide and seek’ works with 2 people just fine. Start the game. One person has to close their eyes and count to 30 and the other one must hide. When the player finishes counting, he/she has to go and find the person who is hiding. Take turns when discovering their secret spots. 

*Useful: Make sure you set some boundaries for the hiding area since this camping game for two might get a little dangerous when wandering in the woods.

On eTeamBuilding, you can find other great games that you could play with your +1, in different contexts: 

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