Teens are very enthusiastic and energetic. Teenagers are in the period when they need good activities to communicate with each other and develop constructive relationships. Mostly, they prefer to stay around modern technologies and surf the internet. However, for better collaboration, there is a need for teenagers to work together. This is because, through positive interactions, they discover more of their personal needs, the need of others, their common problems and how to help each other. Since it is the time when they always try new things and get bored of those old things, it’s good to know how we can help them. Team building for teens is aimed at bringing a group of teenagers together to work effectively as a team. This is done through gaming activities geared towards motivating them and promoting cooperation.

I want to present a few benefits of team building activities for teenagers. Of course, there may be many more but I will mention the most important in my opinion.

Here are some of the benefits

1. Enhances Motivation

Someone said the most successful people are those who motivate themselves. This may be true, however, teenagers are motivated by external sources, that is, they depend on encouragements from each other. For some of them, motivation comes from different activities that they carry out among themselves. When they see a certain competition between them or someone winning, it moves them to participate fully and giving their best. One may say, there is also the reason why they could not have been outside a group of teenagers. Team building provides a framework where teens can meet and organize different activities and competitions

2. Creates A Productive Environment

The saying, “where is one powerless power where the two power increases are specific to adolescents”. And they need to help each other and so will be more productive. Team building activities help them to unite and form a strong team. Participating together in the team increases their efficiency and productivity. They have to work together for a well-established purpose from the beginning. Of course, goals need to be good and provide encouragement and building. Look for team building activities that will offer all of this.

3. Improves Communication

Due to the inferiority complex, many adolescents do not communicate with each other and are more reserved about it. The teenagers that go through this stage are more difficult if there is no effective communication between them. However, there are many activities that can make them open and initiate conversations. Encouraging a teenager to participate in a team building activity can help him socialize. This can even be more obvious if he or his team wins the game. He will be very happy and more open to the team members in other to win again. Thus, creating conditions to communicate and socialize with others.

4. Helps Teens to Learn How to Plan and Think Strategically

I know it may seem too early to talk about teens planning. However, if this is done at this stage, they become more responsible and attentive to what is entrusted to them. In team building activities to win some tests or competitions, adolescents need to think and plan in the smallest details on how to play in to win with the whole team. Doing this repeatedly helps them and with time becomes a habit.

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