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Back to Back Drawing


A good activity to see the level of communication between the participants and how to react to it. A game that suits for any group of people and can be organized both indoors and outdoors. The goal of the game Back to Back Drawing is for a team to perceive what object or image they must draw by just hearing certain verbal instructions.

Materials Needed for “Back to Back Drawing” :

  • pictures of objects or other things verbally explained
  • pens
  • paper

How To Setup:

Find the target group that will also be the participants. If you are an organizer, you will need to prepare pre-printed photos or printed pictures or other drawings you have at your fingertips. In Back to Back Drawing you can search for easy-to-explain objects or forms that will serve as the right image to explain.

How To Play:

  • Step 1: All participants will be divided into two teams. Thus we will have team A and team B. Then they are divided into two players. A member of team A will have a member of team B. Their position will be back to back.
  • Step 2: Each participant in Team A is given a pen and paper. Team B only prints pictures. They explain to everyone what the rules are and what they have to do to avoid misconceptions.
  • Step 3: All team A players have to draw what they are told just by listening to the verbal instructions from team B members. Team B does not have the right to say the final picture or drawing object by name. He can only speak the parts he represents. For example, if you have an animal like a cat you will not tell cats from the beginning. But you will describe it as a domestic animal, having four legs, fur, etc., and the other one will have to draw his picture after he hears.
  • Step 4: Of course, there is also a time to perform the tasks. After the expiration of the indicated time, all the drawings it is analyzed which of the members drew the exact picture or they were close. After that, the roles can be reversed. Those who were in team A will move to Team B.

How To Win:

Because in Back to Back Drawing game you have to draw or paint what you hear without a clear picture, you are looking to be focused on all the details that are given to you. Do not draw the image just after the first indication. But ask for more details to have a clearer view of what it is all about.

The Benefits Of Playing This Game:

1. Evaluate the communication and forwarding skills of the information
2. It can be verified how well the members communicate verbally

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