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The Blob Game

The Blob Game is a classic group game that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for generations.

Crossing The Line

If building your capacity to successfully convince someone to do something you want is what you are after, then look no further than this simple,

Catch the Ball Game

Are you looking for a dynamic game that includes more participants? Catch the ball can be the right game. A good idea that captivates many.

Importance of Icebreakers

How often have you come across icebreakers? Many of you have heard the term but perhaps don’t know why it is of great importance, especially

Truth or Dare Game

Do you have a burning desire to find out something about a person? Well, this game can definitely get you there. “Truth and Dare” is

Team building activities for kids

How much do you know about team-building activities for kids? We’ve always talked about teenagers and adults, maybe at your workplace or in a vacation,

Loss of balance game

Are you looking for an interactive and fun game for your friends? “Loss of Balance” is a group game in which each participant has the

Negotiation Game

Negotiation Game is activity where the participants negotiate with each other for a few dollars. The goal of the game is to get participants to

Messenger Game

It is easy to communicate when you have no obstacles. Try the Messenger Game and see if you can talk with your full mouth. The