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The 20 Questions Game is simple. It’s questioning your opponents to drive a clue to determine an unknown keyword. Just as the name implies, the maximum number of questions is 20, so no one gets bored, and everyone has fun! It’s a perfect icebreaker game and an excellent activity for introducing new teammates.

Materials Needed for “20 Questions Game”

  • ‍pens
  • papers
  • chairs

How To Setup

The 20 questions game is easy to set up as it requires no material but the three things listed above. Just as every team game, you should have your team prepared; around 10-20 persons least. Your space should occupy everyone in the team because you’re to arrange in a circular form. It’s important they feel comfortable so they can concentrate and recall questions.

How To Play

  • Step 1: Once you have a prepared team, organization comes up. You’re to choose a leader who can organize this game in a calm atmosphere and carry everyone along. After organization, select a participant from the group for questions from the groups.
    Step 2: The chosen participant should leave the surrounding while the leader and the remaining participants pick any word relating to there surrounding; it could be a name, an object or any sensible keyword. Leaving the selected participant outside is to ensure he doesn’t eavesdrop or get to hear the word by chance. After you’ve reached a keyword, the participant is invited.
  • Step 3: You‘ll allow the participant to ask only 20 questions geared to leave a clue on the selected word. The other participants are to answer yes or no to these questions. This includes is questions such as ’is it a person?’, ’Is it red?’ and lots more. This is a maximum of 20 question, and that’s the major rule! If he can get the right word, then another participant is selected for the next round.

How To Win

If you are the selected player, your 20 questions should be well-formulated so you cover every possible option and reduce mistakes. It starts with general questions and then more specific to identify the word. For example, you can use the flow: Is it an object? Is it a man’s name, etc? The answers narrow your option down.

The Benefits Of Playing This Game:

  1. All participants are carried along in the game
  2. There may be variations or other rules
  3. Create a pleasant atmosphere that can be useful to the team if you are after a day of work.

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Table of Contents

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