20 Best Work from Home Gifts for Employees

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It’s a known fact that a machine is only as good as its parts. The same thing goes for a company. Without the people that are part of it, it is nothing. And how can you, as an employer, show your appreciation for your employee’s hard work? Simple: through gifts. They are the easiest way to showcase how much you care for your staff’s well-being and health as part of your company.

Working through the pandemic has proven to be quite difficult for most people. That is why you need to demonstrate your thanks through work from home gifts for employees. They are a great way to boost team morale and increase productivity amongst co-workers. But where to start right? Worry not, I’ve prepared a list of the best work from home gifts catered to your needs and more importantly fitted for every type of person in your office.

Work from Home Gifts for the Workaholics

Probably one of the most appropriate gifts for an employee would be something to remind him of the company he is part of, right? Well, it depends. Most people don’t want a reminder of work at home, but given the current state of events ( pandemic and all that ), the fine line between a work and a home space is a bit blurred. So you can take this opportunity to make that space a welcome place to return to with a thoughtful gift. The workaholics of your team will surely appreciate that.

An Awesome Pair of Headphones

A great set of headphones can make all the difference during work hours. Whether you use them for your Zoom meetings or emergency phone calls, a good sound system will make your day bearable. Nobody wants faulty headphones that stop working when you are in the middle of a company briefing. This makes for a great gift, but make sure you opt for some quality ones that have a noise-canceling function and a decent microphone.

A Slick Laptop Desk

Yes, your employee already has a desk he uses during his work hours, but sometimes you grow tired of spending so much time in the same spot. A laptop desk is a great addition to your work gear as it adds the advantage of unlimited portability and flexibility. Do you want to sit on the couch today? Or the balcony? You can even use your bed if you are having a lazy day. A slick laptop desk will do the job and offer you the freedom you need to move around on a whim.

A Desk Lamp

Lighting is a crucial aspect of any home and desk lamps are often enough overlooked by a considerable number of people. Especially since they do most of their work on laptops, tablets, or computers. Using the light of the screen, they tend to think they don’t need to turn on the light, but that is actually a mistake that will lead to eye damage. A simple and elegant desk lamp will prevent that. Opt for one that is sturdy yet sleek and has a warm and pleasing light that makes it easy for the eyes.

A Customized Mug

Nothing says “company gift” more than a customized mug. Whether for coffee, tea, or any other breakfast beverage of choice, a mug with a cheesy ( as per custom ) or thoughtful message sitting on your co-worker’s desk every morning is a great choice of a gift. If you want to be fancy about it, you can even pick a handcrafted one like those trendy Japanese ceramic mugs that are everywhere on social media. That will be one wonderful gift that your employee will always keep close and remind him how much he values his job.

Stationery Supplies

This is a gift that you can’t go wrong with. And if we are talking about workaholics, stationery supplies such as notebooks, pens, and paper will always be a treat for when they receive them. Especially since virtual “offices” don’t provide them the way traditional ones do. Of course, if you have the budget, go big and choose some quality leather agendas and expensive pens. Your employees will surely appreciate that. And if you can’t manage to splurge on gifts, you can easily put some heart into it instead and gift them personalized pens with the company logo or notebooks with an inside joke on the cover. Either way, this is an accessible and useful gift to give.

Work from Home Gifts for the Adventurous

Every now and then, work should be put aside in order for life to be enjoyed. And some people do that by taking it to the next level. There is a high chance that you have some adventure-seeking individuals in your team. This list is for them!

Sports Gear

This is probably one of the best gifts for people who work from home and who like to work out a lot. During the worst days of the pandemic, most gyms were closed so people had to find other ways to keep themselves fit. This is how the home-workout culture was created. Of course, these types of workouts were still popular before, but during lockdowns, they pretty much became the norm for most individuals. And even after restrictions were lifted, a lot of people preferred working out at home than going to the gym. For those people, good-quality sports gear would prove to be the perfect gift. You can go for either light dumbbells, a yoga mat, elastic bands, you name it. The possibilities are endless and you can’t go wrong with such a gift.

Gym Subscription

Of course, not everybody was a fan of the home-workout regimen that they had to undergo during the pandemic to stay fit. A lot of people actually love their time spent in a gym. They grow accustomed to the atmosphere, to the people, and to the energy of the place. For those individuals, a gym subscription is a perfect work-from-home gift. It will allow them to do what they love, improve their health and well-being, all free of charge.

Hiking Trips

Nothing says escape and relaxation more than a hiking trip. Nature has proven to be the best medicine and for people who spend a lot of their time indoors working, it is the perfect work from home gift. Spending time outside with friends will improve your overall health so that when you get back to your desk, you will be able to be twice as productive. With that in mind, pick your hiking destination wisely, based on who is joining you and how dedicated and willing to sweat they are. 

Rock Climbing Lessons

This gift idea is pretty unique, not only because it requires a bit of research to find the right place to go to, but also because not a lot of people experience this in their lifetime. Rock climbing can prove to be an intense sport, but as a beginner, you can reap the enjoyment without going the extra mile in terms of dedication. There are plenty of indoor places that offer rock climbing lessons suited for beginners and they are the perfect spot to have some fun and bond with your co-workers.

Ticket to a Football Match

I can guarantee you have some football fans in your team willing to “sacrifice” a Saturday going to a match. Offering them free entry through a ticket will probably make them so excited that they will want to take you with them, no matter the status of your relationship. Football fans can get quite excited when it comes to going to a match, especially if their favorite team is playing. In that sense, try and figure out which team is the person you are giving the ticket to a fan of and try and secure a spot in that game. Their gratitude will be so big that you can expect higher work engagement rates soon enough.

Work from Home Gifts for the Stressed

There is no secret that working a lot can have a toll on your health, whether mental or physical. Employees will have a bigger sense of gratitude if they understand that their employer cares about their well-being. Gifting them things that will ease their life and help them balance their work-life will boost their engagement rate and make them more committed to their job.

Spa Weekend Getaway

Nothing says relaxation more than a spa weekend. This is something everyone should try at least a few times during their lifetime, especially if they live stressful lifestyles. Work can get pretty hectic and drain the life out of you a lot. In that sense, offering your employees a chance to recharge their batteries is probably one of the best gifts for people who work from home. 

A Tea Set

If sending your employees on a lavish spa weekend is a little over your budget, you can easily switch things up and gift them something that will definitely improve their overall well-being. Tea is a known beverage that has proven to be beneficial to your health, reduces stress, and help in terms of your general well-being. Try to find out what types of tea your staff is into and choose the gift accordingly. Pair your tea with an elegant tea set and watch as your employee will be grateful for the effort you put in choosing such an amazing gift.

Motivational Books

What is the best way to improve yourself and further your own career? One of those answers is “books”. Reading helps us stay connected to whatever new discoveries have been made in the world and choosing the right subjects to read about, such as psychology or personal development, means we already have an advantage against those who don’t. Catching up on material that details how to be more productive or how to increase your emotional intelligence is something that will motivate most individuals to improve their life overall. In that sense, gifting your co-workers’ such books will prove to be an advantage that will not only set them ahead but the company as well. 

Camping Trips

What better way to disconnect and gain some fresh air while enjoying time with your friends? Camping is a great idea for all outdoor fanatics, but it is also a wonderful experience for people who don’t get to spend that much time in nature. Besides the fact that you get to take a break from the hectic and stress-inducing city life, you also get to reap the benefits of staying a prolonged time in nature. This in turn will make you more focused and productive when you return to your day job. So employers, take notice! Organizing a camping trip for your employees is a great idea that will benefit you and your company as well.

Candles and oils

This is probably one of the most underrated gifts out there and that is probably because it is something that either not everybody uses, or because of the fact that the people that do are usually females. But don’t be discouraged by that. Candles and aromatic oils are two of the best things that help people cope with stress and anxiety. When used properly, they are a great instrument in combating negative thoughts and in creatin an amazing stress-free environment.

Work from Home Gifts for the Homebodies

These days most of us are homebodies, so these gift ideas are appropriate for most employees. Taking care of your home and making it a wonderful place to be in is something everyone takes seriously. Giving your co-workers items that will enrich that process is a great idea for sure.

Pots and Plants

Nothing improves a home quite as plants do. They are probably in the top three things people usually buy when they want to enhance the aesthetic level of their house. They are a great addition to pretty much any room, whether you are going for an amazing wildflower bouquet for the living room, a bonsai tree for the bedroom, or succulents for the bathroom. Anyone with a desire to increase the design level of their home will be looking to add some plants to their arsenal. This is one of the best gifts for people who work from home because guess what: there will always be some room for a new house plant. 

Kitchen Utensils

This may seem to be a bizarre suggestion, but don’t be so quick to skip it. A great number of people are quite involved when it comes to what they add to their kitchen arsenal, whether they want fancy ceramic cups, china plates, or a special dutch oven they saw on TV the other night. I am sure one or two members of your team fancy themselves a great cook. In that case, buying something kitchen-related is probably one of the best gifts you can give them.

A Tabletop Bookcase

A tabletop bookcase is one of the best gifts you can give to someone who not only enjoys reading but loves to display their collection of books to the public. This is an amazing present to give since it is not something you find in every house, but it will sure dress up any room you spot it in. It is both practical and beautiful, showcasing in an elegant way everything from hardcover books to magazines.

Pet Care Package

Pets: they require a lot of work and demand your full attention, but they will always have a special place in your heart. If you find out that somebody in your team is a pet lover and owner, make his days easier by providing a pet care package as a gift. It can contain anything from toys and grooming supplies to pet furniture or accessories. You can either buy a pre-made package or build one yourself from scratch. Either way, it surely will be a gift put to good use.

Home Bar Cocktail Set

It is Friday, your work schedule has finally come to a close so what do you do? Most adults will pour themselves a glass of something they have on hand such as wine, gin tonic, or if they are looking for an extra kick, some scotch on the rocks. But wouldn’t it be great if they had a home bar cocktail set to make their favorite drinks right at home? This gift is perfect for anyone who appreciates the subtle art of cocktail making and is ready to take their drinking game to the next level. So don’t hesitate to spoil your employee with this amazing gift idea.

Bottom Line

Work from home gifts is probably one of the easiest things you can do to display a certain amount of gratitude towards your employees. Giving your team just a money bonus is definitely easier, but it also shows that you can’t be bothered to go the extra mile. A gift, however, is the opposite. It shows that you care for your co-workers, that you want to create a great environment in your team, and that you are dedicated enough to put in some effort. And rest assured, this gesture will eventually pay off. Employees tend to notice and be impressed with such things and in turn, they will also be more inclined to devote themselves to their job. So wait no longer! Take one of the ideas above and impress your employees today!

Table of Contents

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