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Are you searching for some great ways to spend your afternoon? Then look no further than minute to win it games. They are a great addition to any party or low-key get-together with your family or friends. Not only they are easy to organize, but minute to win it games also work perfectly for small or large groups of people. They are easily customizable and guaranteed to create an enjoyable atmosphere among players of all ages.

But first: what are minute to win it games? Interestingly enough this type of game started to make a name for itself late during the 2000s when the well-known broadcasting company NBC debuted a new show with that same name. In it, contestants had one minute ( hence the name ) to complete various tasks using household items and move from one challenge to another in order to win the grand prize. Nowadays the concept took a life of its own as people everywhere usually play minute to win it games during parties or casual get-togethers. They are a great choice because they are virtually inexpensive, easy to put together, and fun to play.

And speaking of which: how do you actually play minute to win it games? Depending on the number of participants available you can take different routes when it comes to the rules of the game. In a small group of people, individuals usually play on their own. Regardless of the theme of the game, they will have to beat the clock and finish the task in the given amount of type. The same general rule applies to a large gathering where people play in groups. There is one thing that is common to minute to win games and that is the fact that you usually need some supplies in order to play. As a general rule of thumb, these types of games require household items like spoons or bowls ( for carrying things in them ) or stopwatches ( for time management ). The best part about this is that these objects are not hard to acquire and thus you can organize the games rather quickly.

Now let’s talk age groups. Probably one of the best things about minute to win it games is the fact that they can be played by both kids, adults, and pretty much anything in between. You can customize the games to your liking and according to the people playing them. You can make them easier for the little ones, more difficult for adults and riskier, and a tad more entertaining for teenagers. You can play them individually, in pairs or in a team. They are perfect for any party with your friends. And now that I’ve convinced you that these games deserve a shot, you can start by picking one that catches your eye to try it out from the list I’ve assembled below.

1. Defying Gravity

This game is more suitable for kids than adults, but the latter can give it a try if they are feeling cheeky. What you need is a balloon and each player, using one hand, must keep the balloon in the air for one minute. If it gets too easy you can always add more balloons to that initial number. The player who doesn’t fail the challenge wins the game.

2. Face the Cookie

Probably one of the most famous minute to win it games, this one will surely fill the room with some laughter. You only need a cookie or a biscuit depending on what lies in your pantry. Place the cookie on your face ( preferably on your forehead ) and try to get it in your mouth in a minute using your facial muscles. This is a good game to start with as all participants can play at the same time, but make sure you have your camera ready because you are bound to snap some fun photos.

3. Scoop It Up

For this game, you need a spoon, two bowls, and some ping pong balls. With your hands tied behind your back, put one end of the spoon in your mouth and use the other end to move the ping pong balls from one bowl to the other. Do this in one minute. This can be played individually or as one step in a series of challenges done by two teams.

4. Bottle to Bottle

Using a similar concept from the game listed above, for this one you will need two large bottles of water, emptied of any liquid content. Fill one with something, either small stones, cereal, or whatever small item you have around in large quantities. Players will have to transfer the content of one bottle to the other in one minute. The first one to do this successfully wins the game.

5. Blow It Up

If you are looking for a game that will make everyone in the room laugh, then this is for you. Simply have players blow some balloons and then use the air gathered inside them to knock over empty plastic cups. The time limit is still available and whoever manages to knock over the biggest number wins the game.

6. Water Pong

This fun game is a variation of a rather well-known party game that usually involves alcohol. Here we are keeping things PG-13 and use water instead of beer. Simply arrange at the ends of a table a number of cups ( six at least ) filled with water. Each player must use a ping pong ball and try to throw it into one of the cups. The winner is the person who manages to get the largest number of shots in a minute.

7. Suck It Up

Just as the name suggests, players will use straws to suck M&Ms from one plate and transfer it to another. Only one hand may be used to hold the straw. As a prize, the player who wins gets to eat the candy. A variation works well with three players competing for each round.

8. Penny Tower

This game has penny as its main “attraction”. The main mission is this: how many can one player stack up in a minute? Will the tower be so big it actually will collapse? That remains to be seen. The trick here is that the player is able to use only one hand when handling the pennies.

9. Sponge Run

This minute to win it game is perfect for a summer day. You will need two buckets, one you will fill with water and place on one side of the yard, and the other one you will leave empty on the opposite end. Players will have to take a sponge, soak it up with water from that first bucket and then attempt to carry it on their head and take it to the empty bucket across the yard. When they get there, they must squeeze as much water as they can from the sponge and then return to their team. The group that manages to get as much water as possible into the empty bucket in a minute wins the game.

10. Junk in the Trunk

This is another crowd favorite among minute to win it games. You will need an empty tissue box, a bunch of ping pong balls, and a belt. Place the balls in the box and use a knife to make two slits at the bottom of the box. Thread the belt through the two slits and then tie it around the player. Do this for everyone participating in the game. When the timer is set, players will have one minute to get as many balls as possible out of the box. Jump, jiggle, dance around, everything is on the table and allowed here ( except using your hands of course ). This game is very fun to be a part of but also to witness. It will surely fill the room with laughter. 

11. Dizzy Mummy

Have all participants find a partner. Each pair will receive a roll of toilet paper. One member will be the “mummy” and the other will be his helper. In one minute, the partner will hold the toilet paper while the mummy will unroll it while spinning, in an attempt to cover himself and actually look like the dreadful creature he is supposed to be. The winning team will be the one having the least amount of toilet paper left on the roll.

12. Human Ring Toss

This game is a fun one, perfect for the outdoor. Divide players into pairs. Have them stand at a considerable distance from one another ( approximately 6 feet ).  Each team will receive a number of hula hoops or pool floats, depending on what you have on hand. In a minute, each partner will try to “ring” the other with the hula hoop or float. The pair that has the most rings at the end wins the game.

13. Feed Your Friend

This game is perfect for a night at home, especially if you are ready to get your hands a little bit dirty. All you need is blindfolds, a spoon, and some mushy or jelly-like food such as pudding. And you might even want to get some protective gear because this will get messy. Split the group into pairs and have one partner sit on a chair while the other stands up blindfolded. Then instruct the blindfolded player to spoon-feed the one sitting down. The seated partner can give directions, but cannot touch the other player in any way. Whichever duo has the least amount of pudding left when time runs out, wins the game.

14. Flip the Cup

The PG-13 version of this college staple game is safer to play at casual gatherings or with children. It involves lining up teams along the edge of a table and offering each team a small cup filled with a small amount of water. Each member must drink the water and flip the cup upside down off the edge of the table using only their fingers to do so. The team that has the most cups flipped when the timer rings, wins the game.

15. The Cheerios and Spaghetti Run

This game is super easy to organize and cheap as well since most materials needed are things you most likely already have in your house. The game entails transferring as many Cheerios as possible from one side of the room to the other using only one strand of spaghetti to do so. You must hold the spaghetti in your mouth and string the Cheerios on the strand while carefully walking from one side of the room to the other. 

And here we have it! The best minute to win it games you can possibly ask for. They are amazing for any party, social gathering, or get-together with friends or family. In this list, you can find games suitable for adults, teens, or even little ones. Just make sure you have the materials ready and your attitude set on winning.

Table of Contents

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